Ideas on how to live a bigger, better and brighter life.
dellaa.com is Singaporean and Asian community go-to wellness guide to living better for the digital age. A platform to help fellow working adults take stock of their lives; so that together we reflect, recharge, re-learn and re-organize, and eventually enhance our quality of life. Aspirational but always accessible, we connect with our audiences by creating high quality multimedia content that focuses on life hacks and ideas to living better, easier and happier. With genuinely useful ideas to an easier and improved life, created with a local angle that will resonate with locals, it is content that encourages social sharing. dellaa.com helps brands and businesses speak with digital audiences through content marketing, community marketing and social advertising services.

Jade Seah

Extreme extrovert with boundless energy. Hates sleeping in and is annoyingly happy in the morning. Be warned.

Liu Ying

There are 3 things that wake her up in the morning- make-up, adventure, and a really solid breakfast (Teochew porridge). City-born ‘kampong’ girl.

Ian Lim

Jazz nerd, Boom Bap pundit, Hot Chicken sandwich enthusiast. Always with a camera.

Khalidah M. Khalid

An INFP personality, may seem quiet at first but can get crazy – loves randomly singing! A K-Pop enthusiast (especially K-Pop boy band BTS 😉 ). Favourite language is sarcasm.

Melissa Raeburn

Wanderlust, yoga junkie, Game of Thrones & Rick and Morty nerd. But most of all, cocoa dependent lifeform.